Arrive and Drive

1 – (approx) 15 drivers.

Family karts*:

120 cc – age 8-13

200 cc – age 13 – adult

Tandem – Driver age 17+ with 1 passenger age 4 +

 *These 3 types of karts are able to run on the track at the same to to allow the whole family to participate together.

Adult Karts**:

270 cc  – age 17+

** The 270 cc karts do not run on the track at the same time as the family karts. 

Arrive and Drive karting is available in 10 minute time trials.

Multiple 10 minute time trials per driver can be purchased for family karting or adult sessions.

Click here to book your Arrive & Drive sessions.

Kids and adults can share the track with each other on the Kadet karts (for age 8-14) and the RT-200 karts (for age 14+).
For drivers ages 17 or over we have our most powerful kart, the RT-270 , which does not share the track with the family karts for safety reasons.
Our new Tandem kart accomodates one adult driver aged 17+ and one driver aged from 4 years and up. Dual controls allow the passenger to try their hand at driving whilst being supervised by the responsible adult driver.

Arrive & Drive Pricing:

Per 10 minute time Trial: 

Tandem Kart: £20 | Kadet Karts: £13 | RT-200 £15 | RT-270 £18

*Book as many 10 minte time trials as you like, subject to availability.

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