Frequently Asked Questions


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How does it work?

There are two options: 

 Arrive & Drive                         

 For drivers aged 3 up to adult

 For groups of 1 to approximately 20 drivers


Private Group Booking

For groups of 8 – 50 drivers


What does Arrive & Drive mean?

For Arrive & Drive karting, we don’t take bookings.  You just turn up at the track when we are open to the public and purchase as many 10 -minute time trials as you like, subject to availability.  Click here to see our Arrive & Drive opening hours for this week.

All arrive & drive customers can get lap time print outs for each of their 10 minute time trials.


Do you need to book for Arrive & Drive karting?

No.  We don’t take bookings for Arrive & Drives, you just turn up when we are open to the public.

Please click here to our Arrive & Drive hours for this week.


What are your opening hours for Arrive & Drive?

Our Arrive and Drive times vary each day, depending on what private group bookings we have.   We post our Arrive & Drive opening hours for the current week on our website.  Click here to see our Arrive & Drive opening hours for the current week.

You can also give us a call on (014709) 812 079 if you have any further questions.


How much does it cost for Arrive & Drive karting?

For Arrive and Drive the prices range from £8 – £14 per 10-minute time trial depending on which type of kart/s you wish to hire.

Please refer to the info & pricing page on our website.


How do the Private Group Bookings work?

For groups of 8 or more on weekends and school holidays, or 6 or more on weekdays during term time, you can book an exclusive race and we will close the track to the public for your group and deliver an organised race of your choosing.

Our group booking spaces fill up very quickly so it is advisable book well in advance.

Please click on the group bookings page for info on different race formats, prices etc,  and then fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to make an enquiry or give us a call on (01479) 812 079


For private races, does every driver get a place in the final?

Yes, all drivers pay the same fee to join the race therefore all drivers get an equal amount of track time and all drivers get a place in the final.


How much do private races cost?

Our private races range in price from £28 – £45 per driver depending on the preferred length and format of the race.  Please refer to the group bookings page of our website for more info on race prices.


What is the youngest age allowed to drive the karts?

Children ages 3+ can drive our battery operated karts on a small separate track.

The youngest age for solo drivers is 8 years old to drive the Kadet karts and minimum height is 4 ‘ 2

Tandem karts are available so that an adult aged 17 or over can drive with a passenger aged 4 and over.


Can parents share the track with their kids?

Yes, our 200cc karts (for ages 13 and up), kadet karts (for ages 8-13) and tandem karts (drivers aged 17+ with passenger ages 4+) can all share the track together for Arrive & Drive sessions.

Our 270 cc karts are our fastest karts for drivers aged 17+ and for safety reasons they do not share the track with the family karts, but adults can drive the 200 cc karts with their kids.


Do your 270 cc karts share the track with the family karts?

No.  For safety reasons the fastest karts (270 cc’s) run separately to the family karts.

For Arrive & Drive karting, adults only sessions run alternately with family sessions on a first come first served basis.

Also For safety reasons, adults and children under 13 years of age are not permitted to participate together in an organised race.


What age do you have to be to drive the fastest karts, the 270 cc’s?

Minimum age for our fastest karts, the RT-8 270 karts, is 17.


Are there any height and weight restrictions for adults?

Yes, the maximum height is 6 foot 6 inches, and 18 stone in weight. This again is for safety reasons.








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